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Meet the professionals dedicated to making your dream home a reality. The Classic Design Builders Team works with clients from the start of their project until it is completed.

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Questions & Answers

How Do I know if I qualify for the purchase of my home?

We are able to send you to a couple of our mortgage team members to help select a number of financial resources to qualify you for the loan amount. For more information check out our Home Financing page

Why should I buy a new instead of an older home?
p>One of the reasons to choose a new home is there have been many advancements in technology in building and materials like windows, insulation, siding, heating and air conditioning. With these advancements you will save half as much energy than a home built prior to 1986. For more reasons and information check out our section on Buying Old vs New

How will I be able to customize my home?

You will get to choose everything from your flooring to your front door. Many upgrades are already included when you build with Classic Design Builders. You can still find many opportunities to customize the look and the feel of your new home.

We Offer

  • Custom Design Center
  • Homes with Curb Appeal
  • Architectural Capabilities
  • Class A Contractors
  • Quality Materials & Appliances
  • Direct Contact with Builders